J. Bev

I’ve long considered myself a great mother, and I think others have as well.  Even before having children of my own, I had an instinct to watch other mothers and instruct them in their areas of weakness.  I didn’t always make friends, but I’ve contributed to better children and that’s more important.

  My oldest child, Annie Laurie, allowed me to go “inside” with other mommies and study their parenting techniques.  I was less than impressed.  Out of fear, I secluded my family from the others in the neighborhood.  Although it was probably a smart decision, I hate doing anything motivated by fear, so I put myself out there and started offering tips to the other moms.  They don’t say it, but they’re thankful.

  Just like all you mommies, I have a voice and I want to use it!  Why limit myself to just my little town?  I heard about blogging on a TV show and a lightbulb when off over my head.  I immediately bought a used computer and a book about blogging and two years later…here I go!

  Get ready to be a better mom.

 You’re Welcome!

  I want to say a special thank you to my hubby, Lars.  Not only did he allow me to do this, but he agreed to give me special “thinking and writing” time throughout the week.  His only condition is that we don’t use photos of the family.  Lars had a kidnapping scare as a child and lives in fear that Annie Laurie and Caleb will be stolen in the middle of the night.  If this blog gets as big as I think it will, I don’t want to put a target on their back.  You mommies may want to follow my lead.  Just a tip.

Thanks, J. Bev!


My wonderful husband of 11 years.   Lars and I met working together for the public school system and quickly began dating.  Already a father when I met him, Lars was disconnected from his children and felt he was failing them as a father.  Starting a new family was a way to erase the past and have a fresh start.

Lars served our country by applying for the Air Force (he was medically denied) and now he works as an assistant instructor in the physical education department at Caleb’s school.